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Coaching Scholarships

Scaled scholarships are available to people who's financial circumstance limits their ability to access coaching services. 

People who I encourage to apply:


​People whose health, ethnicity, gender identity, profession, physical or neurological disabilities, or other personal circumstances impact their ability to earn money. If you identify as someone who is a person of colour, a full-time artist, transgender, a recent migrant, living on or below minimum wage, living and working outside the USA, UK and Europe, I encourage you to follow the below steps and see whether it makes sense for you to apply for a scholarship. 

Scholarship packages: 


Depending on your circumstance, you may be eligible to receive a 15–75% subsidy on the full fee amount of your coaching package.  





Scholarship Eligibility Sliding-Scale Guide

Scholarship Guide notes: 


  • This is only a guide. You understand your financial circumstance better than anyone or any scale. 

  • This scale does not account for every experience or situation. Just place yourself as best you can. 

  • Try your best to reflect on your circumstance honestly and holistically* 

*There is a difference between being poor and being broke, which is to say that temporary financial hardship is different to a life shaped by poverty. So ask yourself, am I someone who experienced 'abundance' in early life and is currently experiencing temporary 'scarcity'? Or am I someone who experienced 'scarcity' in early life and is currently experiencing temporary 'abundance'? People who come from abundance and currently experience scarcity tend to select LOWER on the scale than people who come from scarcity and are currently experiencing temporary abundance. This is not a holistic way of reflecting on one’s experience, nor is it the intention of these scholarship opportunities.

Place yourself using the above guide


sliding scale egs-15.png

Full fee

sliding scale egs.png


sliding scale egs-16.png


sliding scale egs-17.png


sliding scale egs 18.png


How to Apply 

Email me at with the scholarship package you wish to apply for and and a brief summary (50–200 words) explaining your circumstance and how working together will benefit you.

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