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Are you looking to create a development program for start-ups and micro-enterprises? I partner with institutes and organisations to co-design, co-develop and co-deliver entrepreneurship programs. In partnership with Desert Knowledge Australia and the Northern Territory Government, we developed a program called DKAccelerator to support First Nations entre­pre­neurs to accel­er­ate the growth of their busi­ness through inten­sive men­tor­ship, project-based learn­ing, and dig­i­tal tech­nol­o­gy inno­va­tion. I have advised on the design and delivery of several other enterprise programs and am in the process of developing a program focussed on conflict resolution and transition planning for micro-enterprises in the mature phase of their lifecycle.


If you’re looking for a capable facilitator to run an enterprise-related workshop, sign me up :) I have facilitated many workshops over the years and few things bring me greater joy. I partner with experienced professionals in their area of expertise to deliver workshops on strategic planning, exit planning, innovation, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, product design and financial accounting. I try to balance a fun playful energy with a deep focus on learning outcomes, whilst always maintaining a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. At the end of any workshop I run, my hope is that everyone is able to implement at least one thing they learned from our session together.

Business plans 

If you are starting a new venture, a business plan may be the right move for you. But it can also be a waste of your time and money, depending on what your circumstance is, and how you approach it. There are two principles that underpin my approach to creating business plans - they must be dynamic enough to respond to changing conditions and they must have input and buy-in from your entire team. I will encourage you to include as many contributors and collaborators to our workshops as possible, even the people you are hesitant to invite. Once a consensus has been reached and the guts of the plan has been mapped out, I'll complete the market research and financial modelling before sending over an initial draft for your team to review. We’ll then go back and forth until you're 100% satisfied with your business plan. 

Strategic plans 

Strategic plans are essential for companies and organisations looking to set (or reset) their long-term strategic direction and determine how best to get there. I facilitate inclusive and collaborative discussions involving members from all levels of the organisation to contribute, ensuring buy-in from the entire team. In these workshops you and your team will be supported to reflect on the organisations’ current mission, goals, culture, systems and processes to determine whether they align with your values and aspirations. To avoid your strategic plan collecting dust in a filing cabinet somewhere, I will integrate your finalised plan into a project management software of your choosing, serving as a living, breathing document. This not only makes your strategic plan visible and accessible to the entire organisation, it’s also easier to review, modify and update internally, saving you time and money in the future. 

Business Valuations 

There's almost nothing I love more than geeking out on your business! So much so that I developed a valuation methodology called the Pressure Gauge Model™ and wrote a book about it called The Pressure Gauge Mindset. During my time at Flippa, Dealflow and Exitplanr, I have valued hundreds of businesses and would love to help you understand what the current market value of your business is worth today. 

Exit Planning

If you run a micro enterprise like me, your exit is your best chance of a good payday. For those of you who have built businesses from scratch, your exit payday is a chance to recuperate the countless, thankless hours you spent building your business long before there was enough money to fairly compensate you for your efforts. My role is to provide support and guidance while you prepare and navigate a major - and sometimes scary - transition in your career. 

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