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A Peak Performance Program for
7-Figure Founders 
Take the friction out of the journey and start surging towards your goals by mastering Flow.

Ready to find your Flowjo and scale your business the easy way?

Who: Founders looking to scale beyond 7 figures.

What: A 12-week coaching program that makes you burnout proof and helps you scale your business quicker, with half the effort and twice the fun

How: By unlocking and mastering your Flow using a proven system that removes any blockers that are holding you back. 

Price: $10,000 USD

Guarantee: 100% refund + payment for your time* 

* Unsatisfied with the results? On top of refunding you the full amount of the program, I will actually pay you for your time too! You just need to calculate your current earnings per hour, multiply it by the number of hours spent on the program, and then send me an invoice for your lost time. 


  • 6x 1-1 Coaching Sessions

  • 6x Group Coaching Sessions

  • Unlimited 24/7 Pocket Coach (via text and voice memos) 

  • Friday Flow Check-ins

  • Access to self-paced training videos and resources

Lose the baggage and start enjoying rapid growth with half the effort in a fraction of the time. 


  • Hating the journey, relying on grit and willpower to reach your goals

  • Stuck in the day-to-day operations

  • Working 70-hour weeks 

  • Scattered and overwhelmed

  • Dwindling passion and motivation

  • Constant issues with employees

  • Occasional cash flow problems

  • Struggling to make a real profit

  • Over-complex systems and processes 

  • On the brink of burnout


  • Loving the journey, effortlessly progressing towards your goals

  • Business is gaining traction and momentum, poised for rapid growth

  • Generating significant profit you can actually put in your pocket

  • Enjoying a new level of freedom with radically reduced working hours

  • A crystal clear pathway to regular and reliable semi-passive income

  • Leading a thriving team towards a joint vision

  • Mastered the ability to enter flow states on-demand

  • Harnessing your full potential with an upgraded mindset and the ability to consistently perform at your peak.

Unlock and master flow with my proven 'p2 method' 

The p2 method systematically takes the friction out of scaling a business by removing the one thing that is holding you back and blocking you from flow. 

peak performance

Problems we will solve together

You're pushing shit uphill

You rely on grit and willpower to inch your business forward, but as days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months, you find yourself feeling exhausted, unmotivated and functioning at a fraction of your true potential. You tell yourself "just a little further" as you continue to push shit uphill with no real end in sight.

flow_push shit uphill.png

Feeling paralysed by indecision.


Your decisions aren't flowing like they used to and you find yourself feeling stuck in an endless cycle of over-analysis and doubt. Deep down you know you have the answers but you’re simply too blocked to tap into your intuition and back yourself. 

You created a job for yourself you don't enjoy.


You became an entrepreneur so you could live a life of creativity, freedom and flexibility, but as your business scales you find yourself further and further away from the work you are truly passionate about. There’s never any time to immerse yourself in creative flow because you’re buried up to your neck in admin and operational tasks. 

Your business doesn’t serve you...You serve it.


Despite all the appearances of success, you're feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and frustrated because you haven't achieved the desired lifestyle and freedom you've been yearning for. Your business is supposed to be your ticket to ‘the good life’ but right now it feels like you’re a slave to your business. 

Burnout is just around the corner.


You're on the brink of burnout, but you're not in a position where you take your foot off the accelerator. You continue to justify 'short-term pain for long-term gain' yet you know deep down that the pain isn't going away anytime soon.

You are questioning your purpose.


Something feels out of alignment and you’re starting to question whether this is what you’re meant to be doing, or how you’re meant to be doing it. You bury these thoughts as best you can, but they have a clever way of re-emerging in your darkest hour when everything in your business is going wrong. 

Avoiding risk is causing you to fall behind.


Your business is lagging behind because you are fearful of making mistakes. Deep down you know what needs to be done, but stepping out of your comfort zone feels daunting. You know that achieving your goals requires you to push through this resistance, embrace the uncertainty and take a calculated risk, but you can't seem to take action. 

Your fear of failure is telling you to settle for mediocrity.


You decided that your dreams were too audacious, being ambitious only leads to disappointment and the only way to be happy is to settle for mediocrity. Since setting the bar lower to avoid the sense of failure, you no longer feel inspired or proud of what you do.

You're standing in your own way.


You see others with a similar skillset and level of experience achieving considerably more than you with less effort. Deep down you know that this gap has nothing to do with luck or motivation and everything to do with mindset.

You are falling short of your true potential.


From time to time, you randomly access flow, where everything seems to click into place and you are performing at your true potential. However, you have zero control over when it happens and most of the time you can feel there’s something blocking you from achieving your full potential.

...By mastering flow,
all these problems fall away

Using our proven p2 method to unlock and master flow will lead to significant boosts in productivity, decision-making, accelerated learning, creativity and overall business performance. 

Everything is aligned

All aspects of your business and personal life are in synchronised harmony and the path forward becomes crystal clear. 

Scaling becomes effortless

Boost your profit with less time and effort through consistent peak performance and an elevated mindset, all while enjoying the process of reaching your goals.

The sky's the limit

Your business is humming away on auto-pilot, your team is executing like clockwork, your customer base is exploding, and you are flowing from one achievement to the next with more time and freedom than ever before. 

Program Curriculum

An accelerated pathway to flow mastery using a proven system that upgrades your mindset and teaches you how to sustainably perform at your peak potential on a regular basis. 


Experience the powerful compound effect of flow as we progress through the three modules, gaining more traction and building more momentum, creating a compounding effect that will have you soaring at new heights towards the end of the program.



We feel stuck and struggle to gain any real traction towards our goals when something is out of alignment. When you, your business, your customers and your community are aligned, everything starts to click into place and begin to flow. In Module One you will gain clarity, remove friction and create ‘fertile space’ for flow to emerge. This is the first of three steps towards harnessing your true potential and effortlessly scaling a business you are truly proud of. 


  • Re-align yourself (passion, values, purpose, vision, mission) with your business, your customers and your community. 

  • Identify (i) what creates inner conflict within yourself, (ii) what creates friction in your business, and (iii) what blockers are ultimately standing in the way of your goals.  

  • Reduce and remove blockers through our proven purging process.

  • Upgrade your business vision, mission and unique strength-based positioning. 

  • Connect with your purpose and your business on a deeper energetic level, so that you can continue to lead and innovate from a place of true authenticity. 

  • Set your accelerated pathway to reaching your goals with newly aligned clarity.

Founders who excel in this program are...

  • Owners of 7-figure businesses looking to scale to 8 and beyond, 

  • Those who value their wellbeing and lifestyle above money for money’s sake,

  • Willing to have their ego, fears and beliefs challenged,

  • Prepared to be honest, vulnerable and open to change,

  • Ready to lean into the uncertainty and make bold decisions, 

  • Capable of trusting a process they may be unfamiliar with, 

  • Able to commit 3-4 hours a week for ten consecutive weeks.

I've been where you are...

I was living on the South-West Coast of Mexico, surfing at sunrise and sunset and running a successful company headquartered in San Francisco during the day. By all appearances I was ‘crushing it’ and ‘living the dream’ yet I was deeply unhappy. 

I had been fighting an uphill battle against myself. Every inch gained towards my goals had been achieved through grit, willpower and a bit of luck. I was pushing shit uphill to achieve small incremental growth, while my peers were making rapid growth look fun, effortless and exhilarating. They were in flow and I 

stressed jamie.png

was spinning my tyres, stuck in a cycle that would eventually reach a breaking point resulting in one of two outcomes – a breakdown or a breakthrough. For me, it was a breakdown, which took me five years of therapy and coaching to fully heal and recover from. 

In hindsight… 

  • A few critical elements of my business were out of alignment, which kept me perpetually blocked from accessing flow. 

  • My mindset and my biology were constantly working against me, leaving me in a permanent state of stress, anxiety and negativity. 

  • I had a bad habit of overcomplicating things by adding another solution rather than simply removing the problem all together. 

  • Urging myself to “try harder, do more” only made things worse, and paradoxically, what I needed to tell myself was “let go, do less”.

  • Grit and willpower only gets you so far. Mastering flow gets you much further, much faster, and best of all, it feels really damn good. 


If you are walking a similar path that is bringing you closer to the brink of burnout, ask yourself: "am I choosing a breakdown or breakthrough?" 


You don’t have to take the long, hard road like me... You can master flow in 10 weeks and start surging towards your most outrageous goals and the life you hardly allow yourself to dream of.  

Meet your flow coach


  • 4 startups, 2 successful exits

  • helped 400+ entrepreneurs successfully exit their business

  • 250+ hours of coaching clients 

  • Certified coach with the ICF (International Coaching Federation)

  • 50+ hours of coaching supervision from a certified ICF Master Coach

  • 150+ hours of Process-Oriented Coaching from The Global Coaching Institute 

  • 30+ hours of certified somatic coaching training from the Strozzi Institute  

  • 30+ hours of certified somatic coaching training from the Physical Intelligence Institute

  • 30+ hours of Gestalt Coaching training from Pique Global 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Entrepreneurship at RMIT

jft headshot blobs-07.png

I have started, built, advised and coached businesses for over a decade. I am continuously developing and refining my craft as a coach so I can achieve better and better results for my clients. You can learn more about me here

Not sure if you’re ready for this? 

"I can't invest this much money in myself"

You are the leader and therefore the most important asset in your business. If you’re standing in the way of your own success then investing in yourself should be the number one priority for your business.


"My problems run too deep"


Breaking free from mental blockers that hold you back does not require years of therapy, thousands of hours of meditation or half a dozen ayahuasca ceremonies. Within the first month of the program you will have removed your biggest blocker and be well on your way to unlocking your full potential.

flow_no time.png

"Scaling means more stress and less freedom".


Deep down you know it's time to lean in and relinquish some control so your business can expand beyond you. It's time to reignite your passion and enjoy the process of creating again. Imagine a business that runs like clockwork, where you can travel, network, do the work you truly enjoy, pursue other passions and be more present with the people you care about most. 

"I don’t have the time"


The program only requires 3-4 hours a week for 10 consecutive weeks and it can change the trajectory of your business, your career, and your life. Plus, this program is designed to reduce your overall workload so you have more freedom to do the things you love. 

Are you ready to make the leap? 

It’s time to let go of your fearful self-sabotaging mindset, find your flow and start achieving your goals at breakneck speed.  

Not satisfied by the end of the program?

My business is built on reputation, so if you feel like the program has under-delivered, we’ll issue you a full refund. This creates a healthy amount of pressure on me to make sure we achieve remarkable results together. 

Still got questions? 

  • How do I know if this program is for me?
    You are an entrepreneur who: owns a business generating at least $40,000 in sales each month. has big dreams for the future, but can't seem to journey along the way, feels stuck and unable to gain real traction towards your ultimate goals, knows there's a good chance of burning out before reaching your destination, is able to commit 3-4 hours a week for 10 consecutive weeks, is willing to have their ego, fears and beliefs challenged, is able to commit 5 hours a week to work on themselves and their business, is prepared to be honest, vulnerable and open to change, is ready to lean into the uncertainty and make bold decisions, is capable of trusting a process they may be unfamiliar with.
  • What does a typical week look like inside the program?
    LIVE 90-minute workshop every week 1-1 coaching session with Jamie for 1 hour every week Unlimited 24/7 access to Jamie via your 'Pocket Coach' (private and secure app, where you can send texts and voice memos) 'Friday Flow Checkins' via your Pocket Coach to monitor mindset and performance (goals and data metrics Access to dozens of video training and game-changing resources to re-align, unlock and master flow Digital Flow Journal & Exercise Book with exercises that sync with the live workshops, where you can experiment with activating flow triggers and purging flow blockers.
  • When can I join the program?
    You can join the program anytime, the moment you know it's time to level up and build the business you are truly worthy of. There is no 'perfect' time but be sure you are committed to the growth and putting in the work to grow your business and expand as an entrepreneur. Click here to book a Free Consultation Call with me.
  • What type of accelerator program is this?
    There are 5 key principles that underpin our program: Wrap-around Support I’m your biggest fan and I'll be in your corner cheering you on long after you graduate from the Flowjo accelerator program. You will also be surrounded by a community of “your people” who have big dreams and face similar obstacles. The type of people who will celebrate you when you’re flying and offer you a hand when you’re feeling stuck. Fertile Space We co-create a ‘fertile space’ where you can enter a higher state of consciousness to find the answers to all of your deepest questions and cultivate the business and lifestyle of your dreams. This is a safe space where you will be celebrated in your successes, held in your failures and challenged on your limitations. This is a space where flow emerges and you are supported to grow and transform. Learning that sticks The curriculum is designed for the deepest embodied learning experience, drawing from somatic, process-oriented and gestalt coaching practices, as well as cutting edge science on flow states, peak performance, and quantum physics. The program caters to diverse learning styles through interactive discussions, exercises, interventions, reflection, coaching, games, and somatic body integration practices to ensure that what you learn sticks and is truly integrated. Our comprehensive curriculum is meticulously designed to create a transformative learning experience that leads to long-lasting change. Nothing is broken or lacking. Our approach is underpinned by the belief that within each individual there is boundless untapped potential waiting to be harnessed. Instead of fixing something that is broken or adding to something that is lacking, we simply guide and support you to step into your power. By reigniting your passion, removing blockers, recalibrating your nervous system, fortifying your mindset and unlocking flow, you will enjoy the compound effects of consistently performing at your peak. Support when you need it most. I will be available in your hour of need via a private and secure application called Signal, where you can text, call, or send voice messages at any ti,me and you can expect a response within 12 hours on weekdays (slightly longer on weekends and holidays).
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